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These vinyl decals are safe for most surfaces like laptops, cars or windows. They can be used for both outside and inside.


Additional colors or options available. Being car enthusiasts, we understand the importance of some requests. Just pick the size below that you are looking for with a custom request. You will receive a message from us confirming the additional requests and confirmation before completing the order.

CQ Decal Crown

  • Best temp for application is 70-90 degrees. If colder the adhesive may not cure properly.

    Clean the location for the vinyl sticker to be placed with rubbing alcohol.

    Slowly peel the paper backing from the front transfer tape. Ensuring the vinyl sticker stays intact on the transfer tape.

    Place the vinyl sticker carefully. (More than 1 application may ruin the adhesive)

    Carefully rub the tranfer tape with a squeegy or plastic piece like a credit card.

    Slowly remove the trasnfer tap. If the vinyl sticker lifts, place back down and use rub over the transfer tape again.

    It should cure by 3 days for longevity purposes.

    If you see me or the hubby out at a car show, reach out if you would like assistance.

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